Bucks for the Brave

Join us in thanking those who have served

Bucks for the Brave

The men and women that served in our armed forces and as first responders, had jobs that required them to be willing to sacrifice their own lives every day, in order to protect or save someone else’s. Not many of us can say that, nor understand what that truly means. The things they’ve had to see, and the sacrifices they’ve made in their daily lives, can have a profound impact on them. Trinity Oaks’ Bucks for the Brave platform allows the loved ones and communities that support these heroes, to share their stories and unite us all in honoring and recognizing their service to our great nation. We are proud to continue to be a part of this incredible program, getting these heroes in the outdoors for the hunt of a lifetime.



Honor and recognize the Hero in your life! Submit a photo along with a short essay as to why this Hero should be chosen to win. All nominations must be submitted by September 11th. 

This contest allows you to nominate Veterans (no longer serving) and retired First Responders to win the hunting experience of a lifetime. One winner will be selected from each of these eight categories: Air Force/Space Force Veteran, Army Veteran, Coast Guard Veteran, Marine Corps Veteran, Navy Veteran, Retired Firefighter, Retired Law Enforcement and Retired EMT.

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